Meet the Maker

Artist & Associate Artist at Modern Art Oxford: currently based in North Cornwall.  I often work using charcoal, ink and pastel on paper + mixed media on sealed canvases. My work involves and evokes movement.

For me, as a person, as an artist, it all comes back to movement, to dance.
This is the landscape from which my mark-making and my work arises.

In my artwork,
I try to keep the ‘air’ in it,
allowing space around marks
so they can breathe.

Mary Chamberlain 2019

In addition to my own practice, I have extensive experience of running Arts in Health workshops and am a Trustee of Arts & Health South West.

2015 One America Street, London
2010 William Road Gallery, London
2006 Unicorn Theatre, London
2005 Chiltern Street, London
2003 Wicklow Street Gallery, London
2002 Torcello Publishing, London

2018 Exscientia, St Giles, Oxford
2018 Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital, Oxford
2017 Art Weeks, Oxford
2016 Art Weeks, Oxford
2009 Walker’s Court Gallery, London
2004 Spike Gallery, New York
2004 St Paul’s Girls’ School, London
2001 Apart Gallery, London
2000 Apart Gallery, London

1996-9 Wimbledon College of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting
1995-6 University of the West of England Foundation

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